Inducted: September 7, 1984 in South Bend, IN

Date of Birth: November 23, 1926 in South Bend

High School Attended: South Bend Washington              Graduated: 1945

High School Honors: All-State 2 years, first string; sophomore, 2nd string; lost 1 game in 3 years 1942-1945; elected Most Valuable Player in 1945 for North Indiana Conference.

College Attended: University of Notre Dame  Graduated: 1951

College Honors: 2 letters in football 1946-1949, with no defeats during that time; team won 3 National Championships under coach Frank Leahy; college career was interrupted by military service during WW II.

Professional Athletic Background: Drafted by Chicago Bears in 5th round in 1950 as a defensive back and halfback; played with Baltimore Colts one year; injuries limited career.

Coaching Experience: Coached at Joliet Catholic HS 1954-1958, with record of 24-13-4; retired from coaching in 1959.

Special Recognition: Became area manager of US Saving Bonds Division of the US Treasury Department; inducted into South Bend Hall of Fame.

Mr. Zalejski passed away August 5, 2012.