FRANK McHALE  (Deceased)

Inducted: January 16, 1975 in Richmond, IN (Posthumously)

Date of Birth: March 4, 1891 in Logansport, IN

High School Attended: Logansport             Graduated: 1910

High School Honors: Honored in football.

College Attended: Michigan State University Graduated: 1914
St. Joseph's College  LLD                  1959
Marian College LLD                           1970
Butler University                              1974

College Honors: Played tackle for MSU; named All-American 1914.

Professional Athletic Background: Played with Detroit Maroons of Wabash Athletic Association in 1914-1915.

Coaching Experience: During World War 1, coached and captained the Kelly Field football team which won the South and Southwestern Championships.

Special Recognition: Became a lawyer, banker, railroad executive, and politician; rewrote Public Service Commission Act of 1933; was author of Gross Income Tax Bill, Alcoholic Beverage and Utility Tax Act of 1949; member of Lay Board of Trustees of St. Joseph's College and Vice-Chairman of Board; was a member of Board of Catholic Youth Organization, St. Mary's Child Center, Winona Hospital, and Indiana Association of Colleges; member of BPOE #66 as Past Exalted Ruler and District Deputy; member of several fraternal organizations; named a Kentucky Colonel and Sagamore of Wabash; decorated Knight of St. Gregory by Pope John; known for contributing over $3,000,000 toward construction of a performing arts center in Logansport, which was renamed McHale Performing Arts Center in 2002 in his honor.

Mr. McHale passed away January 1, 1975.