Inducted:  May 21, 2000 in Merrillville, IN

Date of Birth:  December 21, 1934 in New Castle, IN

High School Attended:  Straughn, IN                              Graduated:  1952

High School Honors:  Played varsity baseball for 4 years and varsity basketball for 3 years; class president 4 years.

College Attended:  University of Indianapolis                Graduated:  1956 

Videographic Career:  Only videographer in history of Munster HS; has witnessed more than 2000 athletic events at Munster, including every football, boys and girls basketball and volleyball games ever played at Munster or on the road; over 35 years, his work became the standard of filming and video taping of athletic events in Lake and Porter counties; has served as mentor for other schools' videographers, teaching them how to use equipment and what should be taped during games; provided an excellent video to Munster players to be used to obtain college scholarships.

Special Recognition:  Has won numerous distinguished educational awards and has been published many times in professional journals; began an environmental studies class at Munster HS that became a model nationwide for other schools to use.

Family:  Wife, Vera Jo; children, Angela, Christina, and Johnna.